6 Best F150 Leveling Kits 2022 [Review & Buying Guide]

The best F150 leveling kit does precisely as its name indicates-it levels your pickup truck’s front with the rear suspension. A brand new jeep, pickup, or SUV usually comes with a slight downward tilt from back to front. When fitted on an F150’s OEM suspension, a leveling kit helps correct this imbalance, putting the vehicle on an even keel.

A good leveling kit can keep our F150s steady, protect the undercarriage, and accentuate its looks. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the pickup’s seamless factory ride while offering greater ground clearance.

So what is the best leveling kit for F150? Keep reading then you will find the answer.

best f150 leveling kits
A good leveling kit can keep our F150s steady, protect the undercarriage, and accentuate its looks.

6 Best F150 Leveling Kits – Henry Ford 150 Recommendation

PreviewProductCompatibilityLeveling HeightFeaturesRating 
rough country leveling kitRough Country 2” Molded Leveling Kit2009-2022 F150 2 Inches
  • Leveling spacers made of urethane
  • Comes with complete hardware for hassle-free installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 4.5
    motofab leveling kitMotoFab Lifts F150-2-2” in Front Leveling Lift Kit2004-2021 F1502 Inches
  • US-made and therefore of premium quality
  • Spacers CNC-machined with durable aluminum powder
  • Installable within one and 1-and-a half-hour
  • 4.7
    motofab leveling kitMotoFab Lifts F150 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Kit2004-2014 F1503 Inches Front
    2 Inches Rear
  • Bolt-on installation
  • CNC-machined billeted aluminum front leveling spacers and cast iron rear blocks
  • Designed and manufactured in the US
  • 4.5
    akmleveling kitAKM F150 Front 2.5” Leveling Kit Lift Spacers2004-2022 F1502.5 Inches
  • Heavy-duty construction; aircraft-grade billeted aluminum spacers
  • CNC-machined and anodized for simple bolt-on fitting
  • 4.6
    rough country leveling kitRough Country 2” Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks2009-2020 F150 2 Inches
  • Constructed from premium aluminum alloy
  • Black powder-coated for resisting corrosion
  • 4.4
    dynofit leveling kitDynofit 2” In Front Leveling Lift Kit2004-2021 F150 2 Inches
  • Constructed from premium aluminum alloy
  • Black powder-coated for resisting corrosion
  • 4.6

    My team and I have assessed the best leveling kits for F150 in performance and value to choose the top six products suitable for different F150 models. Additionally, we’ve reviewed the best level kits for F150 that were most sought-after by the maximum number of US consumers. Furthermore, we’ve given due consideration to an array of assessments carried out by seasoned technicians and evaluations by F150 owners.

    The best Ford F150 leveling kits I’ve described below have been evaluated concerning the construction, installation ease, and customer feedback.

    Rough Country 2” Molded Leveling Kit

    Rough Country 2” Molded Leveling Kit

    ✅ For 2009-2022 Ford F150

    ✅ Nearly 90% of customers are satisfied after purchasing and installing the kits

    ✅ More than 80% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    ✅ One of the most recommended products on auto forum discussions asking about leveling kits

    ✅ Mostly loved by Off-road fans – “If it’s not Rough Country, it’s not off-road.”

    While reviewing the best 2-inch leveling kits for F150, I observed that this 2” molded Leveling Kit performed exceptionally well. Moreover, the Rough Country 2-inch molded leveling kit stood out because of its affordability. However, despite its modest price, this die-cast plastic leveling kit does not compromise when it comes to performance.

    The innovative & performance-driven spacer design offers good clearance between the strut and upper control section. The extra ground clearance we gained from this leveling kit enabled us to deal effectively with on and off-road impediments. Also, it raises the F150’s front end by 2”, thereby making the fore level with the rear suspension.

    The design & pattern of this level kit harmonize with the OEM suspension’s geometry, thus helping maintain the ride quality. We did not have any problem fitting the leveling kit, thanks to the 100% bolt-on installation mechanism. Also, we didn’t have to disassemble the OEM strut immensely to install the leveling spacers.


    • Helps retain a smooth factory ride
    • Brings the front strut at par with the rear
    • Excellent ground clearance helps tackle on- and off-road obstructions
    • Allows installation of larger tires


    • Plastic construction; the spacers may not last long
    • Receives many complaints about the chock’s stiffness

    Some owners still seriously doubted the leveling kit’s durability and resilience. However, most buyers were satisfied with this molded leveling kit which substantiates the brand’s good reputation in the automotive industry.

    What Do People Say About The Kit?

    “…The overall ride 100 miles in has not been bouncy, uncomfortable, or dangerous in feel. The ride quality is drastically different from the stock ride, and I would consider it an improvement to stock keys cranked. I would buy the product again, and have been happy so far asides from the lackluster finish and instructions. I will update this thread at 5,000 miles and let y’all know how the shocks age.

    – A happy customer shared his experience with Rough Country on F150forum.com.
    f150 with rough country leveling kit
    An F150 with the 2″ Rough Country leveling kit installed. (Image credit: F150forum.com)

    MotoFab Lifts F150-2-2” in Front Leveling Lift Kit

    MotoFab Lifts F150-2-2” in Front Leveling Lift Kit

    ✅ For 2004-2021 Ford F150

    ✅ Over 80% of customers are completely satisfied with their purchases

    ✅ More than 90% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    ✅ Highly recommended thanks to its high-quality parts

    ✅ Installing is a bit challenging but DIYs love it

    We chose the MotoFab Lifts F150-2 -2 in-front leveling lift kit because it is US-made, guaranteeing its high quality. The spacers have been CNC-machined using robust billeted aluminum and powder-coated in black for going with the F150’s OEM suspension. Additionally, the black powder coating goes a long way in protecting the spacers from corrosion and wear and tear.

    We were looking for a quality in-front leveling lift kit that’d come in handy for raising the F150 a couple of inches. This leveling kit from MotoFab turned out to be the perfect match. It increased my F150’s front precisely 2”. Installing this MotoFab level kit is quite simple as it doesn’t call for coil/strut dismantling, unlike other kits.

    This 2” in-front leveling lift kit by MotoFab is superior in quality that soldered spacers are vulnerable to fracturing with time. The MotoFab Lifts F150 -2 -2 in Front Leveling Lift Kit comes with the necessary hardware and instructions.


    • Comes equipped with bolts preinstalled on spacers
    • Industrial-grade billeted aluminum construction
    • Grade 10.9 hardware
    • Backed by a lifetime guarantee


    • Many vehicle owners who attempted DIY found the instructions useless
    • It takes about 3-4 hours to install

    I’d highly recommend this product to all those F150 2WD and 4WD owners looking to raise the front suspension precisely by 2”. Owners of F150 pickup of any model year 2004 through 2021 will be able to solve the suspension sag issue by installing this MotoFab level kit.

    What Do People Say About The Kit?

    “I did my install this weekend. Did not have to compress the springs and rotate the cap, but we did end up needing to remove the LCA to get the shocks back in after adding the spacer. I suspect if we had it on a lift where we had better access to everything, we may have been able to get them back in. Otherwise, pretty simple install and I love the look now.”

    – A senior member talked about the Motorfab leveling kit on F150forum.com.

    MotoFab Lifts F150 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Kit

    MotoFab Lifts F150 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Kit

    ✅ For 2004-2014 Ford F150

    ✅ Nearly 80% of customers are completely satisfied with their purchases

    ✅ More than 80% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    ✅ Reviewed and recommended as being good value for money

    The MotoFab Lifts F150-3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Kit enables F150 pickup owners to better view. The leveling kit’s name implies hoisting the F150’s front strut by 3-inches and the rear suspension by 2” inches. We found this MotoFab leveling kit to be the best for F150, facilitating a safe and trouble-free moderate vehicle lift.   

    The spacers’ set for the front strut and rear replacement lift blocks can be installed without drilling or cutting. This MotoFab leveling kit is guaranteed to last as the front, and rear spacers are made of CNC-machined billeted aluminum and premium metal, respectively. Additionally, the rear blocks and front strut’ spacers have been reinforced with a black powder coat to provide extra protection.

    On the other hand, this MotoFab leveling kit has been designed with meticulous care to sync with the F150 suspension’s geometry. So if this front and rear leveling kit from MotoFab is appropriately installed, the F150’s original ride quality is maintained. 


    • Enhances ground clearance (rendering the F150 more suitable for off-roading)
    • Spacers for the front strut are of CNC-machined billet aluminum
    • Improves vehicle’s equilibrium, thereby boosting handling and aesthetics
    • Limited lifetime warranty


    • The supplied U-bolts are generic without any extra threading
    • Installing the spacers for the front strut could take some efforts

    After reviewing the feedback and reports from mechanics and end-users, we concluded that this MotoFab leveling kit is apt for remedying the F150 suspension’s imbalance.

    Let’s take a look at the Motorfab leveling kit in real life

    f150 with motofab leveling kit
    An F150 with the Motofab leveling kit (Image credit: Hebert’s Custom Automotive LLC Facebook)

    AKM F150 Front 2.5” Leveling Kit Lift Spacers

    AKM F150 Front 2.5” Leveling Kit Lift Spacers

    ✅ For 2004-2022 Ford F150

    ✅ 80% of customers are very happy with their purchases

    ✅ More than 90% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    ✅ Highly recommended thanks to its perfect fit

    I believe this AKM F150 front-levelling lift kit is a perfect fit for F150 trucks from the model year 2004-to 2022. After installing these front leveling (lift) spacers, we observed that 2.5-inches raised the F150’s front suspension. On the other hand, we realized that one could fit these leveling spacers without specialized tools.

    To complete the installation process, we did not have to take apart the strut parts, components, or coils. Though the spacer’s size is somewhat less than 2.5” (to correspond with factory suspension architecture), it’ll still hoist the pickup’s front by 2.5”. This F150 2.5” front leveling kit’s spacers have been shaped out of aircraft-grade T6 treated billet aluminum.

    On the other hand, the rivets are constructed out of 12.9 Grade premium materials which keep the spacers firmly in place. A black powder-coated anodized surface prevents the kit from getting corroded or rusted. After testing out the efficacy of AKM front leveling kit spacers, we inferred that these were among the most durable spacers. 


    • Allows the mounting of larger tires and rims
    • Imparts a more aggressive look to pickup
    • Bolt-on installation does away with the need to modify OEM parts
    • Technical support for a lifetime


    • Bolt size may not be appropriate
    • Instructions for installing the kit are not entirely helpful

    This supremely affordable urethane leveling kit helps heave up the front strut of F150 by 2.5”. Fitting the leveling kit is a breeze as the pickup owner doesn’t need to use specialized tools for installation.

    Let’s take a look at the AKM leveling kit in real life

    f150 with motofab leveling kit
    A 2016 Ford F150 with the Motofab leveling kit (Image credit: Custom Offsets Daily Facebook)

    Rough Country 2” Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks

    Rough Country 2” Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks

    ✅ For 2009-2020 Ford F150

    ✅ 70% of customers are very happy with the products after installation

    ✅ Nearly 90% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    ✅ Good value for money and pretty easy to install

    I’d very much suggest the Rough Country 2” Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks for lending a bolder stance to F150. This leveling kit raises the pickup a perfect 2-inches and lets you mount tires up to 33” thick. So F150 owners looking for an affordable and bolt-on upgrade without upsetting factory ride height, this leveling kit is indispensable.

    The ultra-hardwearing construction of this Rough Country-level kit for F150 allows you to embark on off-roading jaunts. Every equipment component has been fashioned out of super durable proprietary composite materials, making the kit incredibly hardy.


    • Raises front end to the same level as the rear
    • Constructed from high-quality materials


    • Calls for professional installation; DIY installation takes lots of effort
    • Instructions are not perfect

    The benefit of buying this Rough Country Leveling Kit is that the package comes equipped with N3 shocks. Though F150 owners will need to pay a little extra, the investment does pay off in the long run. Manufactured by one of the most trusted companies, this is one of the best leveling kits for F150.

    Let’s take a look at this kit in real life

    The 2021 Ford F-150 with Rough Country 2” leveling kit. I saw this video on Built By Tuti 4 X 4 LLC Facebook. Very cool. Many thanks Built By Tuti team for the video!

    Dynofit 2” In Front Leveling Lift Kit

    Dynofit 2” In Front Leveling Lift Kit

    ✅ For 2004-2021 Ford F150

    ✅ 80% of customers are completely satisfied with the kits

    ✅ Over 90% of customers give this kit 4-5 stars rating

    Of all the F150 leveling kits we have assessed in this review, the Dynofit 2” was the most affordable. The Dynofit 2” In Front Leveling Lift Kit’s low price, the lift spacers have everything going for them. The front strut spacers made from forged aircraft billet aluminum are guaranteed to stay functional for years on end. 

    Also, the spacers have been CNC-machined and anodized to ensure a smooth fit. The black anodized surface checks corrosion and gels seamlessly with the factory suspension. The 10.9-12.9 grade bolts also strongly resist rust and stay in service for an extended period.


    • Matches factory suspension
    • Improves stance of a pickup truck
    • Keeps ride quality intact


    • Many F150 owners mentioned that they had problems following the instructions

    The Dynofit 2” In Front Leveling Kit includes performance-driven aluminum alloy spacers that lift F150 pickup’s front by 2”. I believe this leveling lift kit is perfect for F150 pickups, mainly used for off-roading.

    Let’s see how this kit levels our F150s

    dynofit leveling kit package
    The Dynofit package (Credit: Custom Offsets Daily Facebook)
    f150 before after dynofit leveling
    An F150 before and after installing the Dynofit leveling kit (Credit: Dynofit manufacturer)

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    Best F150 Leveling Kit: Do Not Buy Before You Consider These Factors

    I’ve specified the criteria based on which F150 owners can select the leveling kit apt for their specific vehicle. However, I’d propose vehicle owners measure out the front and back suspensions before buying equipment.

    From my experience, once I note down the measurements, I’ll know exactly if there’s a disparity between the front and rear struts. Once I’m aware of this inconsistency, I’ll be able to pick a leveling kit that’ll help correct the imbalance.

    Leveling kit selection, by and large, depends on two significant factors: how the vehicle is used and the vehicle’s make and model.

    Factor #1: Make and Model of Vehicle

    The first criterion would consider the vehicle’s manufacturer and the model year. Most leveling kits are explicitly created for particular vehicle brands and their respective models. So it follows that there are specific leveling kits designed particularly for different Ford F150 models.

    rc leveling kit

    Rough Country 2″ Molded Leveling Kit

    2009-2022 Ford F150

    motofab leveling kit

    MotoFab Lifts 2″ Front Leveling Lift Kit

    2004-2021 Ford F150

    Factor #2: Vehicle Application

    Many people often get confused when shopping for a leveling kit. One might wonder “There’re so many kits in the market, which should I go for?” 

    My advice is that it depends on how you use your vehicle. You need a leveling kit if you use your F150 to drive on thoroughfares and highways. More specifically, go for a 2.5-inch or 2-inch leveling kit. For those who use the Ford F150 pickup primarily for off-roading, a 3-inch or 4.5-inch kit is perfect for you.

    On the other hand, you’ll need a lift kit if you’re more into off-roading. I’ll discuss the difference between leveling and lift kits in the following section.

    rc leveling kit

    Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit w/N3 Shocks

    2009-2020 Ford F150

    motofb leveling kit

    MotoFab F150 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling kit

    2004-2014 Ford F150

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    Best F150 Leveling Kit- FAQs

    Q: How To Determine The Leveling Height My Truck Needs?


    This is the way I do: Measure.

    First, measure your pickup. Taking the entire vehicle’s measurements helps determine the distance between the front and rear struts.

    Then, measure out the span from the wheel’s center to the tip of the wheel fender. I’ll determine this distance for the front end and the pickup’s rear end. 

    Subtracting the rear end’s measurement from the front end’s length will reveal the rake. This rake is the height you need to hoist the pickup for leveling the front and rear ends.  

    This video is also helpful. Check it out!

    Q: Lift Kits vs. Leveling Kits – What are the differences?


    F150 pickups feature a rear suspension usually a couple of inches higher than the front strut. The best F150 leveling kit helps raise the F150’s front end by 2” -2.5” to match the rear block’s stock height. Alternatively, lift kits aid in heaving up the pickup truck higher than 2.5” but installing them is more time-consuming. 

    Those who use the F150 pickup truck chiefly for off-roading would want to raise the vehicle’s front by more than 2.5”.

    leveling kit f150 vs lift kit
    Lift kit vs. Leveling kit (Image credit: customwheeloffset.com)

    Q: Does a Leveling Kit Affect Ride Quality of F150?


    I’ve extensive experience driving an F150, and I feel that leveling kits don’t influence OEM ride quality. Strictly speaking, if the spacers included in the leveling kit are fitted into the suspension correctly, ride quality remains intact. 

    Q: Does a Leveling Kit Affect MPG of F150?


    Yes, F150 leveling kits could affect the truck’s MPG by a very insignificant amount. Installing spacers for lifting the front strut enhances ride height, eventually increasing the vehicle’s wind resistance. Increased resistance to wind leads to more drag, ultimately resulting in greater fuel consumption and consequently reduced fuel economy.  

    Q: Do Leveling Kits Hurt Your Truck?


    Yes, they might.

    The suspension system bears and supports the F150 pickup truck’s weight. Improper installation of leveling kit for raising the F150’s front end will expedite wear-and-tear of the suspension system. Therefore I highly recommend engaging a professional to fit the leveling kit.

    Q: How Much Does It Cost to Get an F150 Leveled?


    The best F150 leveling kits are available at a price anywhere from $50-$250. Add another $500 to $1000 for getting the kit installed by a pro.

    MotoFab F150 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Kit

    motofab leveling kit

    2004-2014 Ford F150

    Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit w/N3 Shocks

    rc leveling kit

    2009-2020 Ford F150

    Dynofit 2 In Front Leveling Lift Kit

    dynofit leveling kit

    2004-2021 Ford F150

    Final Thoughts & Recommendations

    Throughout this article, I took a close look at the best leveling kits for F150. Of all the six kits, I highly recommend 2″ MotoFab and Rough Country leveling kits as they are remarkably performance-oriented and performance-oriented. Nevertheless, AKM’s leveling-cum-lift spacers kit is also a good choice as it’s the most versatile and compatible with the maximum number of F150 models.

    In case you’re looking for an economical solution to level your F150, go for Dynofit 2” leveling kit. It’s the most affordable, costing less than $49 yet remarkably efficient.

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