Ford Atlas Blue: Should You Pick This Color?

Are you planning to buy a Ford Atlas Blue but unsure how it is different from other blue hues? If so, then this guide will eliminate any confusion you may have about each shade of blue.

In this article, I’ll discuss what makes Atlas Blue special and compares it with Velocity Blue, Antimatter Blue, Blue Jeans Metallic, and Performance Blue. In addition, I added a comparison chart to make the differentiations easy.

You can decide whether to still choose the Atlas Blue (Ford) or opt for other blue hues on the list. So keep an open mind as we go through each color in this guide.

Ford Atlas Blue: Getting To Know This Hue

I will be discussing Ford Atlas Blue here based on parameters such as availability, value, appearance, and specs. This is necessary before we compare it to the four other blue hues mentioned earlier.

Quick Summary:

Availability: 2022 Ford Super Duty & Ford F150, Ford Escape, Explorer, and Mustang; 2020 and 2021 Ford Explorer

Order code: B3

Price: No-cost

Features: Comes with dark metallic tints, low heat absorption capacity, can hide scratches well but can’t hide dirt, looks good in rural warmer regions.

Available for Limited Trims on Specific Vehicle Models

Ford Atlas Blue is available on the 2022 Ford Super Duty, while Ford Atlas Blue Metallic is available on the 2022 Ford F150. Aside from Ford trucks, this color is offered with the 2022 Ford Escape, Explorer, and Mustang, as well as the 2020 and 2021 Ford Explorer.

Atlas Blue’s order code is B3, and it is among the ten colors offered for the Ford Super Duty F450, F350, and F250 retail models. Those three are what Ford is providing for their 2022 Super Duty selection.

Be noted that you can’t get the Atlas Blue on the Super Duty King Ranch trim level. Another drawback is that the hue can only be ordered with a limited number of interior color combinations. Furthermore, The Ford F150’s Atlas Blue Metallic is meant for specific trims, with the Lariat included. Buyers can get the Lariat with the Sport Appearance Package and Black Appearance Package, or go for the Raptor and Tremor.

The Atlas Blue brightens up under sunlight (Image credit: Jay Bange posted on 2022+ Ford Super Duty group)

No-cost Options

Ford Atlas Blue and Atlas Blue Metallic are no-cost options. Specifically, A used 2022 Ford F150 XLT Atlas Blue Metallic can sell for as high as $65,277, depending on the model and added features. Keep in mind that the exterior color of a truck can affect its resale value significantly. A study by shows that blue-colored pickups experienced a three-year depreciation of 32.2%.

Brightens Up Under Intense Sunlight

The nearest color to the Atlas Blue that may come to one’s mind is ultramarine blue. However, the former is slightly different from the latter. Ford Atlas Blue is kind of duller than ultramarine blue. You may get it confused with the Ford Performance Blue if seen in some pictures. The lighting in the pictures, camera settings, and the way you view colors could have a role to play in your uncertainty.

Ford Atlas Blue brightens up under intense sunlight, and it looks good in a rural setting. There are no purple hues on it, as some people may perceive. Contributor ACB has these positive opinions about the Atlas Blue and its “Metallic” variant on a Ford Raptor Forum thread:

“Atlas Blue all the way, it’s by far the best blue Ford has ever put out. In the sun with the metallic, it’s amazing.”

The Atlas Blue can look way too deep under shade. It can look Velocity Blue or ultramarine blue, depending on how dark the evening is. A nice glassy sheen appears on the vehicle at night. Personally, I think this shade of blue looks good on a Ford F150 Tremor.

The Atlas Blue can look way too deep under shade. (Image credit: User Kevin George from 2022+ Ford Super Duty group)

Low Heat Absorption Capacity & Hide Scratches Well

The Atlas Blue Metallic was launched for those that would prefer the shiny metallic look. Buyers should expect this color option to have a low heat absorption capacity than the darker blue hues provided by Ford. Also, it doesn’t hide dirt well, but it does for scratches. To protect it from environmental contaminants, UV rays, and to make your paint look more vibrant and rich you can use ceramic coating sprays.

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Ford Atlas Blue vs. Other Blue Hues: Let’s See The Differences

We can now move on with contrasting Atlas Blue from other shades of blue offered by Ford. First is the comparison chart before going into details.

ford atlas blue vs. other blue hues
Let’s see how Ford Atlas Blue is different from other blue hues.


Ford Atlas BlueFord Velocity BlueFord Antimatter BlueFord Blue Jeans MetallicFord Performance Blue
Paint CodeB3E7//M7423HXN1FM
Exterior LookSlightly Darker than Performance BlueSlightly Darker than Atlas BlueDarker than Atlas BlueLighter than Antimatter BlueLighter than Atlas Blue
Heat AbsorptionLower capacityLower capacityAbsorbs heat wellAbsorbs heat wellLower capacity
Cleaning CapacityDoesn’t hide dirt well; scratches are well-hiddenDoesn’t hide dirt well; scratches are well-hiddenHides dirt well; scratches aren’t well-hiddenHides dirt well; scratches aren’t well-hiddenDoesn’t hide dirt well, scratches are well-hidden
Best Suited RegionsRural settings; warm regionsRural settings, warm regionsSunny regionsSunny regionsAny region

Ford Atlas Blue vs. Velocity Blue

Ford Velocity Blue has a bright tone, but it is still deeper (slightly) than the Atlas Blue. The former is among the nine color options offered for the Ford Ranger, apart from Ford F-series. It is a costless option (just like “Atlas”) that is limited to specific Ford Ranger configurations. The Atlas Blue isn’t offered with the Ford Ranger.

An F150 Tremor Owners Forum contributor had this to say when comparing the two hues:

“Atlas looks to be a beautiful color and I like that is not as bright as Velocity was.”

atlas blue vs velocity blue
The 2020 Lariat Tremor in Velocity Blue (right hand) and the 2022 Platinum Tremor in Atlas Blue (left hand) (Image credit: Billy Britton from 2022+ Ford Super Duty group)

The above quote points to the fact that the “Velocity” is brighter than the “Atlas” under sunlight. Both have low capacity heat absorption, but that of Velocity will be higher because of its deeper tone. The two colors are suitable for warm locations and they will look good on a ranch.

Ford Atlas Blue vs. Antimatter Blue

The Atlas Blue is very different from Ford Antimatter Blue in tone and abilities. My comparison table shows that you can’t hide dirt well on the former, but you can do so for the latter. One advantage of Antimatter blue is its higher capacity to absorb heat. Both colors are costless options.

Ford Antimatter Blue is available on the 2021 Ford F150 and Ford Expedition. It normally appears blue-black or black with a slight shade of blue. Your vehicle will look nice in different intensities of sunlight. The color tilts more on the black side on sunny days, while it looks black with a blue tint under a shade.

Contributor FTLBS stated this on an F150 Tremor Owners Forum thread:

“I ordered Atlas because it will be easier to maintain and will hide scratches better than AMB, but to me, AMB looks more classy . . .”

Let’s take a look at Ford Antimatter Blue at a local Ford dealer. (Credit: Alex Garcia from Payne Weslaco Ford)

Ford Atlas Blue vs. Blue Jeans Metallic

Ford Blue Jeans Metallic (Blue Metallic) is a variant of the popular Ford Blue Jean. The former is in the medium blue category just like the latter. It would appear more aesthetically pleasing than Atlas Blue because of its metallic look. Still, the Atlas Blue Metallic would beat it in terms of aesthetics.

Blue Metallic absorbs heat better than the “Atlas” which is why the former is more suitable in hotter regions. You won’t easily see scratches on your Atlas Blue, but dents are more obvious on Blue Metallic. Another advantage that Blue Metallic has over the “Atlas” is that it hides dirt easily. Senior member Gopherman wrote this on an thread:

“My truck is never dirty (gets washed every time it’s driven) so for me, Blue Jean Metallic was the way to go. In the right light (like sunset), it’s probably one of those most amazing looking colors on a truck…it pops that much.”

ford blue jean metallic
Blue Jean Metallic absorbs heat better than Atlas Blue (Image credit:

Ford Atlas Blue vs. Performance Blue

These two colors are both slightly similar in tone, but Ford Performance Blue is lighter. The Performance Blue suits urban areas well, although it also looks good in rural settings. You can get this color on a 2019 Ford Edge.

Both the “Atlas” and “Performance” have low heat absorption capacities. However, the former’s ability is slightly better. Also, the two colors hide scratches well. However, they are weak in terms of cleaning capacity.

It seems that it would be a dilemma to choose between the two hues if they were color options on a particular vehicle. A Ford Raptor Forum member made this observation:

“Atlas Blue is similar to Ford Performance Blue . . .”

ford performance blue
The Performance Blue suits urban areas well, although it also looks good in rural settings. (Image credit: Pattie Bush posted on her Facebook)

My Final Thoughts: Should You Pick Ford Atlas Blue?

Ford Atlas Blue would look great in rural areas that get much sunshine throughout the year, but it won’t hide dirt as well as Ford Antimatter Blue. You should go for darker colors like the Antimatter Blue and Blue Jean metallic if you stay in areas that don’t get much sun annually. This is because of their high-capacity heat absorption capabilities. Velocity Blue is for those that care much about having a flashy look.

I came across many negative comments on forums about the appearance of Atlas Blue. Many reviewers don’t like the shade. You should try to have a look at it in person at a Ford dealership before making it your choice color. Endeavor to do the same for the tones.

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