TRQ Struts Review: Are TRQ Struts Any Good?

Anybody looking to buy struts for their vehicle would want to read the best TRQ struts review they can find. A preferable review article is the one that describes a customer’s experience in using the product, right? That is what you will find right here!

This guide details my first-hand experience as a TRQ struts user while describing its specs, pros, and cons based on important criteria. I also included brief reviews of the product’s competitors.

You will be able to make an informed buying decision once you are done reading my review on TRQ as a struts brand. The “TRQ struts alternative” section will help in making product comparisons.

trq struts review
This guide details my first-hand experience as a TRQ struts user.

Getting to Know TRQ Struts: Is TRQ a Good Brand for Struts?

Who makes TRQ struts? They are made by the TRQ (Trusted Reliable Quality) company. This auto parts brand offers high-grade and direct-fit aftermarket vehicle parts to professional and DIY (do-it-yourself) auto repairers.

Struts provide support for a vehicle’s weight, and they ensure smooth driving with surface impact absorption. Your car or truck needs to have struts that come with some key features for the roles above to be performed effectively. This is where TRQ struts come in.

trq struts review

The TRQ struts on my truck are made with very durable materials to withstand surface impacts. They also have great suspension control in the sense that I have a firm hold over the system while driving.

I’ve been having smooth rides since their installation. The fit bears some similarities to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) struts, so it suits the vehicle well. Installing the product required following a simple procedure until the final fitting was achieved. Check my detailed review of these struts in the next section.


4Pcs Front Complete Loaded Strut Spring Assembly Rear Shock Absorber Kit

✅ Fit like a charm

✅ Excellent ride performance

✅ Perfect handling and stability

TRQ Struts Review

This part will help you answer nagging questions like this: Are TRQ struts good for my vehicle? I treated the main strut shopping criteria, including fitting, ride performance, installation, materials, durability, warranty, and price below.

FactorMy Brief ReviewRating
FittingQuite good, well-developed
Ride PerformanceSignificantly improved, better braking & handling, great turning
InstallationCome pre-assembled & loaded; fast, safe, and effective installation
MaterialsPremium quality
DurabilityLast longer than normal struts' lifespan
WarrantyLifetime warranty
PriceA bit more expensive than Monroe, KYB, and Detroit struts


Fitting is major merit of Trusted Reliable Quality struts. I gathered that TRQ offers four pieces and two pieces of quick strut assembly while researching the brand’s offerings. The products were well-developed. My struts were direct-fit replacement parts for my vehicle, so I found them very compatible after the installation. And I had a great driving experience on the first test ride and ever since. The replacement kit was well-organized, and it matched my needs appropriately while swapping out the old struts.

Still, there’s one drawback about the individual components. Not all were well-made, so you may face hassles regarding fitting when it comes to mixing and matching parts. I also observed that one of the lower mounting brackets was kind of tighter than normal. However, the struts came with some special components, such as the following:

  • Coil spring
  • Gas-charged struts
  • Strut bearing
  • Upper mount for the strut
  • Boot and bumper kit
struts fitting
Fitting is major merit of Trusted Reliable Quality struts.
(Image credit:

TRQ struts are available for the following vehicle brands, apart from my Ford: Acura, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, and Toyota.

Ride Performance

My overall driving experience has improved significantly since I installed the TRQ struts. They’ve supported my shocks well. There is also load-bearing support. Braking and handling have become better too. I have no problems with traction, even on rocky surfaces. Turning is great, including on hilly terrains.

f150 on rocky surfaces
After installing the TRQ struts on my F150, I have no problems with traction, even on rocky surfaces (Image credit:

The spring strength is satisfactory in the sense that it offers optimal tension and elasticity. I guess that has added to the comfortability and durability of my struts. I don’t have issues with bouncing, especially over bumps. No noise except for that somewhat annoying squeak I sometimes hear when I hit some bumps.


TRQ struts are very easy to install, especially when they come with packages that have replacement tools included. That was the type of package I ordered. The product was pre-assembled and loaded, making it a fast, safe, and effective installation for me. TRQ offers all the required installation parts, and they can be fit into the system without any problems. I was able to save valuable time and money with the repair kit I got from TRQ.


The materials used in making the struts are of premium quality, as stated in the product description. No corrosion yet! Although the parts are made in China and Mexico, I believe they are still of US quality.

trq struts review
The TRQ struts are made of premium quality.


My TRQ struts have lasted so long at over 58,000 miles now. Normally, the struts are meant to last for at least 50,000 miles. That makes me feel like I got great value for my money. Add that to the product’s LIFETIME WARRANTY!


The manufacturer put a lifetime warranty on the struts against lapses and faults. That is one of the reasons that motivated me to choose Trusted Reliable Quality for my struts. I rest easy knowing I have very durable struts covered by such a warranty.


The price range of TRQ struts (and shocks) packages is from $130 to $478, depending on the type of package you order. I just realized that TRQ struts are a bit more expensive than products from brands like Monroe, KYB, and Detroit.

What Do Customers Say About TRQ Struts:

Some good words:

“…you will not be disappointed. I rode a specs for probably 6+ years, they were perfect for daily duty.

– cookiemonster101289 member from Reddit.

Trq isn’t a bad brand to go with, I put on there hubs on my truck.”

– Noah Kellermann commented on Mechanics advice and more group on Facebook.

Some neutral reviews:

“They are average in quality. I find that TRQ/1A is relatively acceptable in quality based on price. Unfortunately, the parts themselves do not last as long, maybe 1/2 the life of OEM parts. You do get what you pay for. I would highly agree with the suggestions other members have provided.”

will.i.was expressed his thoughts on Tacomaword.

“I put a pair of these in our ’03 sedan. They’re meh at best. The springs in the assembly are pretty soft and the hose/ABS wiring tabs that are welded onto the strut didn’t quite fit the grommets that support the brake hose, IIRC. I had to tweak them to get the brake hose and ABS wire onto the tabs. Otherwise, they were bolt-in.”

– ksw92_mk2 member from Saab Central forum.

And there’re also some bad words:

“…Dozens of people have reported problems with TRQ. My experience is… I paid $$$ for rear air shocks for my Tahoe. 4 months later the top completely detached from the body of the shock. The replacement lasted 6 months before the top started coming loose on it as well. Checked the other side and that one has some play. They’ll both eventually fall apart. Another problem I have is when hitting small bumps at higher speeds, they cause the rear to bounce rapidly. If you’re going around a turn on a bumpy road, it’s quite scary as it feels like the rear wants to bounce out of control…”

– An angry customer shared his experience on Ford-trucks forum.

TRQ Struts Review: What I Like and What I Don’t Like

I will state the merits and demerits I have experienced while using the product in this section. You may want to pay close attention to this part because it will make or break your resolve to purchase TRQ struts. 

Are TRQ struts any good? You are about to conclude pondering that question.

What I like:

✅ The materials used in making the struts have given me confidence that the product will last for a very long time before the need for changes or repairs. Even the high-standard design adds points to the struts’ durability.

✅ There has been an improvement in my driving experience due to the spring design. I am getting a better bounce.

✅ My struts don’t take compartment space meant for the passenger side, and they are easy to adjust.

✅ The suspension control has enhanced my truck’s stability. Driving control is consistent.

What I don’t like:

✖ I have discovered that the struts aren’t compatible with all vehicle makes and models. You can’t utilize them for racing cars and SUVs.

✖ Affordability might be an issue because of the product’s price range being on the high side.

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Final Thoughts

I hope that my TRQ struts review gave you all the insight you were looking for concerning the product. It is clear that the TRQ brand is offering great specs, but clearly for a price that isn’t cheap. You can make your final or penultimate decision on struts to buy based on the pros and cons I have discussed in the previous section.

Read further if the drawbacks are discouraging enough to make you seek an alternative to the TRQ strut assembly. Thankfully, I have some options you may be willing to consider under the next subheading. I did my research on them before deciding to order my struts from Trusted Reliable Quality.

TRQ Front Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Assembly Set

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TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Assembly Shock Kit Set

epsoak epsom salt 5 lb

TRQ Rear Loaded Quick Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Kit

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TRQ Struts Alternative

You can look into purchasing the products described below if you don’t like the TRQ struts assembly or the price is too high for you. In this section, I treated KYB struts, Billstein 4600 struts, Detroit, and Monroe. Several users have recommended these four products, so you can count on any of them.

KYB Struts

KYB Struts

✅ A bit name in the aftermarket suspension parts industry

✅ Quick struct installation processes

✅ Smooth surfaces and a build resembling the OEM types

✅ Come at lower prices than TRQ struts

KYB is a big name in the aftermarket suspension parts industry that has been operating for over a century (since 1918). This is a Japanese brand that is one of the top companies that offer struts and shocks in the US. But it isn’t as popular as Monroe, a close competitor.

The customer reviews I researched show that KYB buyers can expect quick strut installation processes. You will get struts with smooth surfaces and a build resembling the OEM types. One user stated that the products could be used with lowered springs as a perfect combo for a great driving experience.

So, what sets it apart from TRQ? KYB struts come at lower prices. Go for KYB if you are all about extra stiffness and responsiveness control when driving.

Bilstein 4600 Struts

Bilstein 4600 Struts

✅ Well-suited for tow trucks or heavy-duty vehicles

✅ Can handle heavier-duty trucks than the OEM replacement parts

✅ Smooth surfaces and a build resembling the OEM types

✅ Can tackle serious bumps or potholes

✅ Come with a great warranty

Bilstein 4600 struts are well-suited for tow trucks or heavy-duty vehicles. This is what may make you select them over what TRQ is offering. You might want to skip reading this review if you need replacement struts for your sedan because Bilstein 4600 struts aren’t suitable for such vehicle types. You can’t even install the latter on many light cars.

One review recommends that you should go with the Bilstein brand if you want struts (and shocks) that can handle heavier-duty trucks than the OEM replacement parts of your vehicle. Rest assured that you can tackle serious bumps or potholes with Bilstein 4600 struts, which Monroe can’t offer you. And driving is also smooth when carrying heavy loads on your truck at high speeds and when cornering. Bilstein 4600 struts come with a great warranty.

Detroit Axle Struts

Detroit Axle Struts

✅ Known for ease of installation

✅ Can help you regain your truck’s old height and give brand new feeling

✅ Comfortable ride experience

Most Detroit Axle struts are known for the ease of installation they provide, apart from their high-performance rating. DIY installers can easily go through the simple replacement process with the aid of the user manual. This merit is made possible because the struts come pre-equipped. They are ready to be fitted into your truck from the package. Tools are also available with the package, just like in some TRQ struts and shocks packages.

Actually, Detroit Axle struts can help you regain your truck’s old height and give that feeling of a brand new vehicle’s suspension. You will be very comfy when taking a ride.

However, one drawback to consider is that Detroit Axle struts aren’t as durable as those of TRQ. The coating on the former at least protects it from corrosion and oxidation. Detroit Axle struts have a fair price range, and the brand meets OEM standards.

Monroe Struts

Monroe Struts

✅ A bit American brand offering aftermarket vehicle suspension parts

✅ Monroe tailors its struts in line with OEM features

✅ Offers high-performance products for perfect stability

Monroe is a big American brand offering aftermarket vehicle suspension parts. They have been in the industry for over a century starting from 1918—just like KYB. This makes it one of the oldest companies providing auto parts in the US. Keep in mind that Monroe’s primary area of concentration is the provision of struts and shocks for vehicles, especially sedans.

Many customers agreed that Monroe tailors its struts in line with OEM features. The brand focuses on offering high-performance products for perfect stability, especially when driving on the highway. This is where you might want to consider the brand over Trusted Reliable Quality. Monroe struts are smoother than those of KYB.

Another thing that may motivate you to purchase this product is the excellent handling in your matrix that it will give—based on the words of one reviewer. Just know that you will be getting a great driving experience after swapping out the old struts, which will be like driving in a new truck. Monroe’s pricing isn’t so different from that of KYB, so you may still want to prefer the former over buying from TRQ.

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