Star White vs. Oxford White: Which Color Looks Better On Your Truck?

Don’t you know that the grayscale colors, i.e., white, black, gray, and silver, rule the roads of the United States the most, with white topping the list with 23.9%?

Statistically, white has always remained a classic, most in-demand color among Ford owners. This trend further divides the users as Star White and Oxford White enter. There has been much debate among Ford owners surrounding the Star White vs. Oxford White comparison. So, which shade is better for your new Ford truck?

To put it concisely, while Oxford White is more of a fleet color with a flat white effect, Star White looks deep and has a beautiful shimmer, making it the star of the show.

Today’s guide will walk you through the in-depth comparison between Star White and Oxford White and helpful advice on which one you should go for.

Let’s get started without further ado.

start white vs oxford white
Which shade of white is better for your new Ford truck?

Star White vs. Oxford White: Side-by-side Comparison

Both the colors might seem the same at first sight, but their difference becomes visible when you observe closely. The Star White shimmers beautifully with its rich yellowish tone, whereas the Oxford White is as snowy or cloudy as ever. Additionally, Star White has a color depth, which is not available in traditional paints. 

But if we look at Ford Oxford White, it comes with a simple look that is bright and luminous, whereas the Star White seems glittery and shiny compared to its plain counterpart. To better understand their differences, we analyze their RGB color composition and other side-by-side features as below.

Comparison Chart

Star White Oxford White 
Paint CodeAZ/M7446A/PN4HR/LVLGWHAY1/Z1/M6887
Exterior LookA pearlescent metallic texturePlain and simple
Heat AbsorptionLow capacity but doesn’t provide much protection against UV lightLow capacity
Blending AbilityEfficientInefficient
Cleaning AbilityCan cover up scratches but not dust and dirtHard to clean scratches and dirt
Best Suited RegionsColder regionsWarmer regions with less heat
CostNeeds extra bucksNo additional charges

Detailed Comparison

Paint Code

The paint code for the Star White Metallic is AZ/M7446A/PN4HR/LVLGWHA. In contrast, For the Oxford White, the paint code is Y1/Z1/M6887. You can analyze their biggest difference through the different hexadecimal color codes of the two as below.

star white and oxford white paint codes
Paint codes of Star White and Oxford White

The Oxford White code #F1F3F1 is a light shade of green that comprises 94.51% red, 95.29% green, and 94.51% blue. The HSL (for hue, saturation, and lightness) color space had a hue of 120 degrees, 8% saturation, and 95% lightness with an approximate wavelength of 549.13 nm. 

Meanwhile, the Star White with a color code of #EFEFE8 is a light shade of yellow-green formed by 93.73% red, 93.73% green, and 90.98% blue. #EFEFE8 has a hue of 60 degrees, 18% saturation, and 92% lightness in the HSL color space. This color has an approximate wavelength of 570.47 nm.

Color NameHex Color CodeRedGreenBlue
Star White#EFEFE893.73%93.73%90.98%
Oxford White#F1F3F194.51%95.29%94.51%

How Does It Look?

The Star White comes with a pearlescent metallic clear coat that looks baffling, glistening under the sunlight. You can also feel the metallic shine under the streetlights. It’s a tri-coat paint that looks and feels premium and divine and is enough to impress the masses. 

On the contrary, Oxford White looks simple white, slightly warm but not as warm as Benjamin Moore, Simply White, or Cloud White. The Oxford White is like a plain blank canvas that can easily be utilized and paired with the decals and accessories of your choice. 

Heat Absorption

The lighter the color, the better the heat-reflecting ability. In this regard, white is considered the least absorbing color. The color texture of Oxford White and Star White makes their heat absorption ability different. The Oxford White is the best way to handle heat problems as it doesn’t absorb sunlight easily. This makes it a perfect option in warmer regions.

Conversely, Star White lacks a bit in providing adequate protection against UV-rays. It is a better option to be used in colder regions. But the color doesn’t fade or disappear with time even after rigorous use for years, and it remains glossy and fresh for me for a long time. 

Color Blending Ability

The Star White is one of the hues available in conjunction with all interior color combinations and trim levels due to its excellent color blending ability. The shiny texture of Star White is glossy and hides the scratches and scuffs easily. 

By contrast, the Oxford White appears bright and plain compared to the shiny Star White texture. Oxford White requires some effort and struggles to blend the shades with its sweet and light shade of blue mixture. This is because it has a non-metallic form that makes it clear of any shiny texture. 

Cleaning Ability

The Star White can cover up the unlucky scratches earned during a rough ride, but the color is not bright enough to easily cover the dust and dirt. It requires weekly or daily cleanups to avoid any embarrassing encounters.

The Oxford White is lighter in a color that gives a more formal look to your truck. Cleaning scratches and dirt on a Ford Oxford White might be a challenge for the users due to its contemporary and dull look. 

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Ford Star White vs. Oxford White: Which Should You Go For? 

To pick between one is the biggest battle one could ever face. So, let’s take a look at the positive and negative aspects of both the models under consideration: 

Star White Metallic Tri-coat: Pros & Cons

The Star White is a luxurious shade of 2020 that has returned magnificently in 2021 due to their impressive appeal and unique texture. This stunning shade is available on some of the F-150’s top trims for a $595 upcharge only. Here are some positive and negative points of this color. 


✅ It is a gorgeous color that speaks of its striking beauty and unique style

✅ The metallic shade has glitters and shines all around

✅ The color doesn’t fade or ruin easily

✅ It can serve a long time without any hassle

✅ It gives a glossy feel which remains intact longer than Oxford White


✖ It costs extra bucks to get the color

✖ Its heat-absorbing ability makes it unfit for warmer regions

✖ It needs regular cleaning to avoid dust and dirt

Oxford White Exterior Paint: Pros & Cons

Since 1992, the stunning Oxford White has been a part of the F-150 lineup that has recently received a major comeback. It has been the new black in a town.

The Oxford White seems to be a vibrant and fresh color for your pick-ups. Also, the color lies between the warm and cool tones between the bluish or cream-like tone of white shade clouds. 

Here are the distinct features to consider: 


✅ The plain texture looks more formal and gives a traditional boss-like appearance

✅ The exterior doesn’t absorb sunlight easily

✅ It doesn’t cost extra bucks

✅ It can, also, serve a long time without any hassle

✅ It forms an excellent pick-up when paired up with decals and accessories


✖ The bright plain texture looks too flat

✖ Its heat-absorbing ability makes it unfit for warmer regions

✖ The non-metallic surface doesn’t shine or reflect even under sunlight

What Do Ford Owners Say About The Star White vs. Oxford White Debate?

“Star white utility body cost me almost 4g extra to get painted that 3stage paint. The regular white that is close to Oxford is free keep that in mind. The money didn’t bother me that pearl is amazing in the sun.”

– Matt Ouellette, a Ford Super Duty owner.
star white ford truck
His truck looks awesome on Star White, right?
An Oxford White truck (Image Credit: Douglas M Farris Jr)

“It’s (Oxford White) not “flat” white. Personally, I think it’s “cleaner looking” than Platinum or Star White. Plus if you ever crash a bed you can buy a take off (especially if you have a longbed) cheaper than you can paint a bed for.”

– Bret Akers

Final Thoughts

Choosing the winner between Ford Star White vs. Oxford White depends on an individual’s liking and preference. Both the shades are excellent in their formation and appearance and look majestic under sunlight. Whatever you choose to pick depends on what you feel attracted towards. 

On the one hand, Star White looks appealing with its charismatic shine and warm tone that makes you feel young and energetic all over again. On the other hand, Oxford White looks clean and simple that has a refreshing aura of clear blue sky. Picking one out of two might be a challenge but says a lot about your distinct personality. Pick Oxford White for a simple white tone effect, or go for Star White for a shining bright impact.

Let’s see how Star White and Oxford White are different from each other. FYI: Star White is the F250 on the left, and Oxford White is the F150 on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Oxford White look yellow?



Oxford White has slight yellow and gray undertones that are soft and doesn’t feel too yellowish and pale. While a warm southern light warms up the white paint, the gray tone neutralizes its effect and keeps it cool and refreshed. 

Q2: Is white a bad color for a truck?



Light colors like white, tan, yellow, and cream make the safest colors in trucks. The lighter shades are easier to spot in different weather and any time of the day. Dark colors are hard to see, especially at night time. 

Q3: Is Ford Oxford White Metallic?


No, it isn’t.

Oxford White looks like simple white with no metallic shade. If you love metallic white, go for Star White instead.

Q4: What are the differences between YZ and Z1 Oxford White?

The minor difference in those two Oxford White color codes is that Z1 is a bit lighter than YZ.
Whatever, check the color code indicated on the driver’s side door jamb sticker to pick the right Oxford White for your vehicle.

Q5: Space White vs. Star White vs. Oxford White: What are the differences?

Space White is also a good choice among white Ford trucks. It’s darker than both Star White and Oxford White with a grayish and bluish hue. I’ve read somewhere that Space White could remind people of freshly poured dried cement. That’s right!

Q6: Oxford White vs. Performance White: Which white should I choose?


Ford Mustang owners who love white often ask this. My answer is it depends. If you want a pure-looking white truck, Oxford White with the bright, brilliant white shade is perfect for you. However, in case you want something darker, the vanilla hue and a slight pearl tint of the Performance White would be better.

Q7: Platinum White vs. Star White vs. Oxford White: I’m a bit confused. How can I differentiate them?


Here’s how. Platinum White looks nearly cream with a pearl tri-coat shade and a slight grayish tint. Star White is a tri-coat metallic, while Oxford White, a base white color, is the lightest shade among the three.


These are the sources of information that I gathered while researching this topic. You can also read more about the Ford Star White and Oxford White color at the following links:

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