Rhino Liner vs. Line-X: Which Bed Liner is Better?

Most of us, as truck enthusiasts, are fulfilled by just possessing a vehicle that can carry heavy loads. But don’t you know our truck beds need preservation after fully functioning and carrying heavyweights? 

This article aims at finding the best solution to preserving your truck bed in the most cost-efficient, adaptable, and effective way possible. The debate of Rhino Liner vs. Line-X, the two most well-known spray-on liners in the market, will be in the spotlight.

The article begins with the things in common between the two products and continues with the key differences. It will then end with a detailed review of the two truck bed liners.

So let’s dive right in!

rhino liner vs linex
Rhino Liner and Line-X are the two most well-known spray-on liners in the market.

Rhino Liner vs. Line-X: Things in common

Understanding the similarities between the two products is always the best way to start your optimized research. Then you can make a decision based on the rest of the different factors. 

Same function

The first and most important aspect of this analysis is that both can repair the damaged truck bed regardless of the product you choose. The simple condition for that is to be installed correctly. The job will be finished if your request is to repair the rusty surface of the bed. 

How can I be so sure that both liners will protect and repair your truck bed? The analysis I’ve conducted shows that both protect your bed with anti-skid, weather and waterproof features, also sound dampening. 

UV Radiation – The killer

The second thing you have to pay attention to is UV protection. UV radiation issues remain the Achilles heel of all truck bed liners. It’s also a matter of the Rhino Liner vs. Line-X products. 

Extensive exposure to the radiation will render the bed liner inefficient in completing the job. The problem is the same for both sprays and, therefore, UV protection stays the most demanding aspect that needs a solution from both products. 

Same Chemicals

But why will both of the liners fade after exposure to UV radiation? It’s because both liners, for most of their part, are made from the same chemicals. This is another similarity that needs to be taken into account between the two products. 

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

The additional aspect in common is the nationwide lifetime warranty you receive after the purchase. Both competitors understand the situations in which your truck bed is in and your daily needs. The efficiency of the liners is guaranteed, one way or the other. 

Preparation Requirements

Due to the chemicals included in both liners, your truck bed needs a general cleaning and preparation process before using the products. 

Installation Costs and Process

Although one could spot some minor differences in the installation process (as we will see below), it’s significant to understand that installation is the most crucial part for both sprays. The costs and the process are more or less the same.

rhino liner vs linex
Six similarities between Rhino Liner and Line-X

Rhino Liner vs. Line-X: Key Differences

The following section is the part of the direct comparison between the two products and their benefits put in perspective.

 Rhino LinerLine-X
PerformanceMoving Heavy Cargo Easier/Less NoisyExtensive Durability/Instant Protection from Water or/and Gasoline
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyUnlimited lifetime warranty


Who wins: Rhino Liner

This is one of the most underestimated parts. However, the thickness can change the entire perspective of the buyer based on their needs and the usage of the truck bed. 

But why is thickness so important? It’s because most users are in love with this feeling. 

The fact is that it’s easier to move heavy cargo on the thick truck bed that the spray forms.  

The thick nature of the truck bed wouldn’t even damage and pressure you on your knees even if you jump up and down on it. 

Nonetheless, thickness has another advantage. The hauling process will be quieter than ever. The new formation of the truck bed can keep things stable and minimize noise. 

So, which spray changes the truck bed’s structure and feeling to a thicker one? Rhino Liner. For more than two decades, these chemicals have managed to make the lining thick and rubbery instantly. 

This is even the most significant selling point and advertising aspect of the Line-X product, its thinness. This product is known to be thin and measure around 1/4 inches, while it’s uniform and evenly spread on the surface. 

The final appearance of the light surface makes it more shiny and nice. Still, it can’t minimize the sound as Rhino Liner successfully attempts. 

Line-X bed liner surface (Image source: Linex.com)
Rhino liner surface (Image source: ocrhinolinings.com)


Who wins: It depends

The short answer to this aspect is that the performance is based on the natural thickness and thinness of the two competing products. 

As stated above, the Rhino Liner spray makes more of a thick surface, while the Line-X makes it thinner. The prior is accessible on the cargo, but the latter offers more advantages on the side of aspects such as water and tear. 

Specifically, the thick nature of the surface after the Rhino Liner spray is performing well under adverse environments. It’s best suited to places where noise has to be minimized and the goods carried are heavy and prolonged in each dimension. 

Nevertheless, if you need a spray for durability and instant protection, Line-X is the ideal solution. More specifically, you must understand that this spray also minimizes noise, just as not as the former explanation. However, it can still protect from water for a more extended period. 

As mentioned before, both competitors have difficulties and disadvantages, and the fact that the thinner surface of the Line-X is so rough might damage your cargo.


Who wins: Linex

Customers will have a limited lifetime warranty for the Rhino Liner, while Line-X comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. 

But we must take it a step further when considering Line-X as the winner of this aspect. Line-X spray is part of franchisee-owned stores, which means that installers are constantly visited by corporation personnel and analysts. This isn’t only unfortunate for many installers, but it’s also good since the trucks that need repair and use of the warranty can be fixed regardless of the region they got sprayed. 

Installers file a claim on behalf of the customer and get paid by Line-X corporations for repairing. The reimbursement from the Line-X corporations is high since the installers are working on a short-term notice.

The difference is that Rhino locations are individually owned. Therefore, they are not associated with any franchise. If a truck bed needs repair, you have these only two options:

  • Be entirely dependent on the mercy of that shop that is willing to take some of their time to fix the issue.
  • Have to return to your original installer. 

There is always trouble finding the materials if there’s no access to corporative personnel. 

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Rhino Liner vs. Line-X: Detailed Reviews

Rhino Liner Reviews

Many previous or current users seem to point out excessively that the different installers do varying work as far as the liners are considered. What does this mean when put in perspective? One installer might use a hot and high-pressure system, making the product very similar to the Line-X spray. 

However, at the same time, the dealers and the installers might offer liners that are softer than Line-X and widely known as “TuffGrip.” This is a piece of additional information that hasn’t been discussed before. It’s based on the personalized experience of every single customer.

The most outstanding point of Rhino Linings is that it brings a thick and rubbery feel to your truck bed. However, that thicker feel also means a duller appearance of the truck bed. Many customers reported that the Rhino formation doesn’t follow the contours of a truck bed nearly as well as Line-X. 

What’s important to add is that the thicker nature won’t make it as tear-resistant or water-resistant as Line-X. When carrying diverse products and cargos, this might be a severe issue. 

Let’s sum it up: Rhino Liner Pros and Cons


  • Thick and rubber feel
  • Easy to move cargo
  • Won’t hurt your knees
  • Minimizes noise greatly
  • Doesn’t follow the contours of truck beds well


  • Dull appearance
  • Limited warranty

Line-X Reviews

This truck bed spray is based on the general rules of hot temperatures for structure, thin nature, and uniform appearance. 

However, the thinner nature has brought, the rougher side of the truck bed is, as pinpointed above. Many people aren’t fans of the product since it’s a ‘harder’ surface. Some reviews show that the change by the installer, considering that you have already talked to him about the issue, might fix some of the problems. 

Nonetheless, the rest of it will come from the lack of glowing or sparkling after being recently restored, as it’d be the usual case. 

Skimming through various forums and diversified opinions, this spray-on liner is mostly praised for its higher tensile strength and resistance to liquid substances such as gasoline. I want to add that Line-X liners fit very closely to the truck bed. That’s a big winning feature of Line-X compared to its competitor, Rhino Liner.

Let’s sum it up: Line-X Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited warranty
  • Thin feel
  • Water & tear resistant
  • Fits closely to the truck bed


  • Tough and hard surface

Let’s watch the installation process of Line-X bedliner.

Rhino Liner vs. Line-X: Installer is the X-factor

In fact, the installer has managed to play such a significant role in today’s truck bed spray world. If it wasn’t for this occupation, people might not have told the difference between the two products that would seem totally the same or highly inefficient.

Therefore, it’s vital to study the experience and expertise of the installer. Significant questions would be “Do you use a cold application process or a hot application process?”, “How long does your prep process take?”, “What dealerships do you work with?” or even general questions about his own business.

The installer has managed to play such a significant role in today’s truck bed spray world (Image source: https://linexofsomerset.com/line-x/)

Also, don’t make the most common mistake that buyers make; assume that if the product is good, the installer doesn’t matter. You should know that the product isn’t everything. Its efficiency is also depending on who installs it on your truck bed. The quality of the bed liner depends on how skillful the bed liner installer is.

Top Important Notes On Rhino Liner and Line-X

Apart from paying attention to the installer, there are other important notes for you when choosing between Rhino Liner vs. Line-X:

Note #1: Don’t expect too much on color-matching

It isn’t worth doing, in my opinion. It will fade much faster than the factory paint. Also, color-matched liners look worse when they become stained, scratched, etc., than black liners.

Note #2: Normally, a bed liner with a non-UV resistant coating will fade in 5-10 years. 

If you want to extend that time, go for UV-resistant coatings. But keep in mind that it will cost you a bit more.

Note #3: Don’t worry about the fade. There’s still a solution if your bed liner fades too much. 

Special chemicals and treatments can help restore the color but with mixed results. From my experience, they can help bring back 80-90% of the original color.

Note #4: The minimum installation cost is $499 for Rhino Linings and $525 for Line-X. 

Anything less could indicate the installer you chose is making a shortcut somewhere.

Note #5: 3.5 days is the minimum time you should wait for a bed liner installation appointment. 

Nearly half of installers can not schedule customers until after four days.

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Final Thoughts: Is Rhino Liner or Line-X better? 

So we finally have the answer. It is the Line-X spray. Why? Primarily, it’s because the installers were using their best application for this particular spray. What’s more, the product was offering a nationwide warranty. And last but not least, the Line-X spray tends to look better than the thick Rhino liners. 

Regardless, it’s critical to understand that the widespread view of the two by the general and detailed reviews has been the following. Line-X had a great run during the beginning. Currently, with new technologies, chemicals, and applications, the Rhino Liners have adapted to the standards. 

It’s reasonable to claim that they gained knowledge based on the approach of their competitor. However, at the same time, you cannot blame them because they give you a personalized array of options. 

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