What is Ford F-150 Texas Edition?

Pickup vehicles are quite common in Texas. For the record, one of every six pickup trucks is being sold in Texas. Looking at all the Texas Edition trucks, you will have entry-level and high-end vehicles that tune with Texas cowboy culture in just the right manner. 

Ford F-150 Texas Edition is a grand Texas label truck that helps you carry your business activity in style. Ford modified its XLT Trim level by infusing a few chrome components into the vehicle’s exterior.

So, what does the Texas Edition mean, and what more will you enjoy in this Ford Texas Edition? Dive into the article to get answers.

Ford F-150 Texas Edition

A simple variation of the basic trim level and chrome exterior details are things that make the Ford F-150 Texas Edition unique for the people of Texas.

ford f150 texas edition
What does the Texas Edition mean, and what more will you enjoy in this Ford Texas Edition? Dive into the article to get answers.

What is Ford F-150 Texas Edition?

Texas Edition Ford F-150 is an exclusive Texas edition from Ford. The company improvised all Ford F-150 models from 2006 to 2020 to give Texans strong vehicles perfectly suitable for the ranch culture in the state.

The vehicle has been given certain style modifications to the standard XLT trim level with no significant changes to its performance aspect. The transmission system, engine, and drivetrain remain the same. However, you have chrome bar grills, side steps, wheels, handles, and a distinctive Texas badge on the outside. The changes in the exterior of the Ford F-150 make it more visible and nicely befitting the taste of the Texans for grandeur.

How much is an F-150 Texas Edition?

Texas Edition Ford F-150 has inexpensive rates and comes with a $60 discount price. 

Ford also offers packages similar to the F-150 Texas Edition on 2021 Ford but there will be an increase in the price. You will have to pay an extra $6,000 to get all the chrome components, the badge, and more features in a 2021 Ford model.

ford f150 texas edition explain
Briefly say, F150 Texas Edition is an F150 on XLT trim level with chrome components.

What does F-150 Texas Edition bring to the table?

The interior of the Ford Texas Edition lets you enjoy all the amenities available on an XLT trims level. In addition, the exterior has been modified to give the Ford F-150 a cowboy look and style.

Specifically, the Ford F-150 Texas Edition has the following features making it a style statement for Texans.

3D Chrome Grille 

A bar-style chrome grille has replaced the common stainless steel or the grille’s plastic design. The solid chrome engine provides increased protection to the engine giving the vehicle a classic look. Even with the chrome grille, the vehicle’s overall design remains lightweight, and your Ford F-150 Texas Edition continues to deliver high-end performance.

Side Steps

Ford F-150 has side steps or walking plates on each side of the door. The extended running boards on both sides serve as a ladder and offer comfort while moving in and out of the vehicle. To modify the exterior look of the F-150, Texas Edition manufacturers redesign the plastic side steps replacing them with chrome boards. They look more practical and are easier to maintain. 

A Chrome Exhaust Tip

In the traditional Ford F-150, the edge of the exhaust tip is visible from the back. However, in the F-150 Texas Edition, a chrome plate has been attached to protruding exhaust tip. This not only increases the aesthetic look of the truck but also redefines the Ford F-150 engine sound as well. Moreover, the chrome plates are less prone to rust, making them perfect for the climate in Texas.

Door Handles

The doors of the Texas Edition Ford F-150 have chrome handles. The chrome handle has also replaced the handle at the tailgate. The chrome knob boosts visibility and enhances the style of the vehicle.

Towing Hooks

The chrome front tow hooks are a fine addition to the F-150 Texas Edition. They make the truck look and feel strong. Moreover, a chrome hook has been installed at the backside as well. Drivers can tow campers using the back hook.

Cab Configuration (SuperCrew and SuperCab)

The interior of the Ford F-150 has been modified, and the seat now has grey-colored fabric. Electric power control has been introduced for the steering wheel. And you can also notice leather wrapping on the steering wheel. However, these configurations are only available for the SuperCrew and SuperCab Ford models.

PVD Chrome Wheels

The 17” -18” all-weather wheels of the Ford F-150 Texas Edition have PVD coating on them. PVD processing brings a great many benefits to the Ford F-150 exterior. You get a durable exterior body that balances the overall chrome finish. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle also gets improved with PVD processing.


The front and back of Texas Edition F-150 have unique license plates with Texas written on it. To make the Texas Edition Ford F-150 distinctive from the standard XLT trim level, the vehicle’s tailgate is embellished with a state badge. The metallic badge features white, red, and blue lone star signatures with a Texas Edition Emblem in silver engravement.

Let’s check this Texas Edition F150 review video.

Texas Edition emblem placement location

The location of the Texas Edition emblem varies from seller to seller. Usually, you will find the symbol placed directly beneath the F-150 logo. But at times, the sellers also place it on the driver’s side right under the F-150 logo or on the passenger side.

texas edition emblem placement location
Most commons locations of the Texas edition emblem.

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Texas Edition Pickup Trucks – FAQs

Why do automakers roll out those Texas-themed pickup trucks?

Each year automakers put up a big show at State Fair of Texas revealing all the new pickup trucks. Trucks and pickups are a real attraction in the state. Texans use the trucks for both business and personal use.

 With people high over heels in love with pickup trucks, the sales margin is relatively high in the state. The Texas truck market is considered the second-largest truck market in America. 

The obsession for pickup trucks in Texas allows the state’s truck market to contribute 15% to the country’s large truck sales every year. This means about one in five trucks sold in the U.S. is sold in Texas.

With the profit ratio being high in Texas and people willing to buy the best pickup truck, automaker manufacturers are willing to contribute more to the Texas truck market.

Are Texas edition trucks only sold in Texas?

Texas Edition trucks are purposely designed for the Texans. In terms of features, the Texas Edition pickups are similar to the standard XLT except for the exterior. You can easily purchase the chrome adds one through a certified dealer. However, you won’t get the Texas number plate and the special Texas badge containing the lone star emblem outside of Texas.

Do other states have “state-edition” F-150s?

Just like Texas Edition F-150, other states can also have a state edition F-150. However, the choice is available for only a few states, including Oklahoma, California, New England, Kentucky, etc. You get all the chrome features on the exterior. The only difference is the state badge on the standard XLT.

How to place/remove the Texas edition emblem on your F-150s?

To remove the Texas Edition emblem from F-150, you need a fishing rod, hairdryer, scraper, and a microfiber cloth. Then follow the instructions to remove the emblem and place a new one on the same spot.

Step 1: Use the hair dryer and blow warm air on the emblem to lose the stick at the back. Start from the edges of the emblem.

Step 2: Then hold the two ends of the fishing rod and place the narrow string behind the emblem. Slowly move the sharp string to remove the emblem from the exterior.

Step 4: Once you feel the emblem has subsided from the exterior, use the scraper to pull off the emblem. 

But make sure to wrap the sharp side of the scraper with a soft cloth. This will protect your Ford from any unwanted scratch.

If the Lonestar emblem is fading, you can consider removing and replacing it following this guide.

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Final Thoughts: Should you get a Ford F-150 Texas Edition?

All in all, Ford F-150 Texas Edition is a fine pickup having sophisticated styling on the exterior. The chrome finish on the exterior parts of the Texas Edition Ford F-150 has given it a strong impression. Besides, with the Texas Edition, you will get all the features of a Ford F-150 but with a more durable and visible exterior.

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